4 Types of Diabetic Friendly Cake Flavours To Try

Every Singaporean event or celebration always has a cake as a dessert. However, doctors may have advised diabetic people not to consume sweets by their healthcare providers.

The good news is, you can now order a diabetic friendly cake in Singapore shops that won’t hurt your diet. You can still enjoy and have a taste of your favourite cake flavours. Here are some mouth-watering choices.

  1. Flourless chocolate cake

You can still enjoy the excellent taste of a chocolate diabetic cake in Singapore. Although it contains a different sugar, it gives the same pleasure as your usual slice while having a low carb count. You can be sure that you can enjoy every bite of it without thinking much.

  1. Cheesecake

This type of cake is a sugar free cake you can order in Singapore bakeshops is a dessert that is easy to make. Since bakers make it from almond flour, you can keep the carb count low. What’s ideal about this cake is that you can pair it with a cup of tea.

  1. Black forest cake

Many people avoid a black forest cake because of the risk of blood sugar spikes. However, by using alternative flours and sugars instead of all-purpose, you can be sure that you’ll stay fine throughout the day. Each serving of a diabetic cake in Singapore only contains small grams of carbohydrates, and there is no compromise in taste.

  1. Lemon cake

Aside from being a healthy fruit, lemon cake is also a diabetic friendly cake in Singapore bakeshops. Most bakes use fat-free yoghurts to keep the calorie count down. It’s a warm-weather treat that you may enjoy outside.

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