5 Places With The Best Cold Brews In Singapore

Today, man’s short life has made coffee more of a necessary beverage than a luxury one. It contains caffeine which recharges our battery keeping us up and running. To a regular coffee lover, mainstream coffee may not suffice at all times- Cold-brewed Coffee might cater to their needs then. 

Cold-brew is essentially coffee brewed with cold water rather than conventional hot water and involves a long steeping process- anywhere between 12-24 hours. In terms of flavor, cold-brewed coffee is smoother, low-acidic, and heavier than its hot brewed counterparts.

With many options available in the market, let’s find out where the “Best cold brew coffee in Singapore is.”

  • Enchanted Café

With a wide variety of cold brew flavors, you can find the apt cold brew for you here at Enchanted Café. The Café provides tastes varying from Mocha, Latte to Rose Chocolate, etc. These beverages also come in other flavors, such as black and white cold brew coffee.

  • Old Hen Coffee

According to legend, Old Hen Coffee was Singapore’s cold brew coffee craze pioneer. The exceptional quality of their coffee beans coupled with a careful processing method allows them to provide proper texture and preserve the rich, natural quality. Their signature black cold brew is a must-try for all cold coffee lovers. There are also many chocolatey white cold brew options, cold mocha, and cold matcha milk at reasonable prices.

  • Bootstrap

Having originated from Bali, Bootstrap has expanded to Singapore with its authentic cold brewing skills. They use 100{d04df3aba89a57dba97112cdf198bc060bd876c796d41c29033ccf7c3c782adc} Arabia beans derived from the native farms of Indonesia. They have an extensive list of flavors- rooibos orange tea, hojicha tea, milk & Manuka honey coffee, to name a few. If you’re a vegan, you’re in luck as they also have oat milk cold brew coffee.

  • Strangers’ Reunion Café

If you’re looking for some solid yet delicious coffee, then Strangers’ Reunion Café is the right place for you. The café is famous for its White Magic cold brew, which has the ideal balance of coffee and cream. Brew Black, Sea Salt Chocolate, and Oatgasm are other cold brew options.

  • Parallel Coffee Roasters

“Good coffee at great prices” is their mantra- Parallel Coffee Roasters provide their delicious range of cold-brewed coffee, ranging from regular, black, oat milk to white cold brew and cold brew mocha.

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