Advantium Technology Explained

What is Advantium Technology? If you have ever wondered how the Advantage Oven differs from convection microwave ovens, you are not alone. In this article, we will take a look at the advantium technology to see how it compares to traditional technology.

What is Advantium Technology?

What is an Advantium Oven?

Advantium ovens are often confused with convection microwaves. While there are many similar features between them, such as microwave and convection cooking, some important differences separate Advantium ovens from other microwaves.

One of these major differences is in how they cook food. Convection technology uses forced hot air to circulate around food and cook it, making it very easy to brown or crisp foods on multiple levels. The advantage of using a convection microwave is that food is not just heated from above but also from below at varying temperatures.

This process helps foods bake better without burning. In fact, for some recipes, it might be necessary to use a conventional oven if you want some parts cooked differently than others. Those recipes would probably work well in an Advantium oven too if you do not have one yet! With so many advantages over conventional microwaves, an Advantium microwave will quickly become an essential part of your kitchen equipment.

Benefits of Microwaves with Advantium Technology

What is an Advantium Oven?

While microwave ovens have been around for decades, Advantium technology makes it easier than ever to cook delicious meals with just one appliance. By combining microwave and convection technology into a single unit, Advantium microwaves can cook both fast and evenly. In addition, smart features are also there to make everyday tasks simpler. Here is how you can get started using your new Advantium microwave.

Many microwaves, however, use electromagnetic waves to create heat in food, which tends to lead to weak cooking results, hotspots, and cold spots throughout each dish. These devices require you to stop and rotate or stir food halfway through cooking each dish or snack – something most people forget about or simply do not have time for in their busy day-to-day lives. With advantium technology, microwaves use magnetrons in combination with a fan system called E-floors.

Disadvantages of Convection Ovens

Convection ovens do a great job while cooking food quickly, but they have one major disadvantage – they do not cook evenly. With a convection oven, only half of your food will receive heat from above while all of it will receive heat from below; so, when using a convection oven to bake something in particular, it is important to rotate your food as it cooks.

Advantium VS Convection Microwave

You may still wonder, What is advantium technology, and that’s why you should know a few more important details.

Advantium technology is actually GE’s steam-based cooking process for microwave ovens. It combines microwaves with superheated steam to cook food faster. Advantium was first released in 1998, and since then, several updated versions have been released, including newer models that can also use halogen heat lamps.

The latest version of Advantium has been manufactured by Bosch. The device has some distinct differences that set it apart from its predecessors. In 2012, Bosch purchased GE Appliances; they are now owned by Whirlpool Corporation that maintains sales and marketing of all products made in their home appliances department.


·  Is an Advantium oven a microwave?

Yes, it is. But there are some major differences comparing advantium vs convection microwave.

·  Can you use aluminum foil in an Advantium oven?

You should not use aluminum foil if it is not stated in the oven’s manual.

·  Is the GE Advantium an air fryer?

No, it is not. GE ADvantium uses Speedcook technology that provides even better cooking results.

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