Hiring A Corporate/Institutional Catering Service For Every Company Event

Conducting a business seminar is not unusual for experienced staff in the field for many years. Regardless of whether it is a conference or a whole-day seminar, the need for quality catering remains necessary for us. People, especially guests and clients, are great at remembering food. Hence we made ourselves accustomed to hiring a corporate or institutional catering provider every once in a while.

Managing Event With Catering Service

There are many things to juggle if you are responsible for planning an institutional or corporate event. Food remains vital in my experience for the success of almost every event that we have in our business. I get the experience of seeing a pleasant menu and well-thought courses at the serving station from a guest’s viewpoint. Hence we always seek to provide the most enjoyable experience to increase their satisfaction.

In my experience, there are plenty of catering and pantry management services at a price. Nevertheless, these made the choices much more difficult. In the last event, we were outsourcing a catering service near our area online. We looked through websites and checked social media for any posts related to institutional/corporate catering services. We tried reading reviews and discussions from online forums. It does take some amount of time to find the ‘perfect’ catering solution for our upcoming event.

Finding a catering service partnership is never an easy task. As for someone who is often conducting corporate events up to 10-11 times annually, we often change or switch to another corporate and industrial catering services after two or three times. Recently, we decided to make a firm partnership with a single catering firm for the entire year up to 2023. We were planning for a number of seminars and conferences, and it is an opportunity for us to settle working with a catering service that can satisfy our needs.

Outsourcing A Corporate Catering Service

Other aspects that we look into are the available course and fee per service. When you are hosting an event and planning to opt for a catering service, one vital aspect you should look into are your guests’ dietary requirements. While our events don’t mainly reach up to more than 70 attendees, we were cautious about what our guests’ diet needs are to avoid any adverse side effects. We want to make the course accessible for all.

During our outsourcing, we eventually discovered Pro*3 Catering which provides corporate and canteen catering services. We decided to test their service for the recent event. All in all, we were pleased and delighted with their service and food quality. We want to avoid contamination and unhygienic practices. Hence, we inspected their cooking methods to assess the sanitisation. For us, everything seems to be on par with our expectations. So far, we were impressed with the experience.

We all also received feedback from our guests, highlighting the dish and services from the catering crew. Not to mention, their staff were also incredibly friendly, providing our guests with the assistance they needed for serving during the dinner. Overall, Pro*3 Catering seems to fit well ideally to the criteria we were looking for in a decent and all-around corporate and institutional caterer in our area.

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