The Deliveroo Business Workflow

Executive Summary

Deliveroo is a web-based food delivery service having other restaurants as a partner which delivers food to customers. On demand basis, food is delivered by contractual drivers. It offers high quality food delivery services and many companies that refer to the deliveroo business workflow have come up and these companies use a software called Deliveroo Clone

Deliveroo collected money by its services such as sign-up, delivery of food, and service fees and it also charges a commision per order to restaurants which varies from business to business. It offers premium subscription also to customers. Deliveroo has its own cloud kitchen through which food

Services can be offered

The company was established in 2013 by two Americans entrepreneurs William shu and Greg Orlowski, having head-quarter in London, the U.K and now operational in more than 50 cities across the globe. It is one of the biggest food delivery platforms. Deliveroo offers services in 11 countries through 140,000 restaurants.

How services are offered?

As Deliveroo has a strong base of network, customers can order their food from their nearest restaurant, by android or ios app, or through a website. Deliveroo creates a platform for their restaurant counterpart through which the food services can be fulfilled. Deliveroo provides execution of food delivery and handling of payment services. It is performed by the contractual drivers called delivery partners that executes food deliveries. To offer the best possible food delivery services, Deliveroo focussing on high quality restaurants which allows them to charge higher prices of food. Deliveroo was established by two American entrepreneurs William Shu and Greg Orlowski having its headquarter in London. As many restaurants could not provide delivery of food to their customers, Deliveroo come out with the solution having its own manpower for the shipment of food. The company tied with 1500 restaurants in 8 cities with 1500 contractual drivers. Thus company raised funding of $200 million.

Fund Raising by Deliveroo:

Deliveroo raises its fund via delivery fees, service fees, subscriptions as well as a sale from its cloud kitchen. Food delivery service works on low profit margin and high operational complexity.

Order Commission:

As the platform is provided by Deliveroo, the service operator will get a percentage on every sale facilitated through the platform. Deliveroo gets 25 to 45 percent profit on each sale depending on the agreement with the restaurant and the location of food delivery. For the delivery of food, customers need to pay fixed fees. This fee is used for well-being of contractual drivers of the Deliveroo. The restaurants needs to register on the platform provided by Deliveroo by paying $300 to use their food delivery system.

Deliveroo Offering:

Deliveroo offers various benefits to its customers Free delivery of food costing more than $10 24X7 service 7- day free trial to test. Special discount not offered to regular customers. If you are planning to launch a food delivery business similar to deliveroo then definitely check our edelivery app’s Deliveroo Clone which has all the main features of Deliveroo original software at very reasonable pricing.

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