What Are Good Foods And Bad Foods? What Should I Give Up When On A Fitness Journey?

We all know how necessary fitness is, and dedicating one hour of exercise and working out can drastically change your life. Several people think that fitness is about how much time you spend in the gym or how many calories you burn each day, and it is untrue.

A famous saying is “ABS is meant in the kitchen”. It means that how well you perform on your fitness journey depends upon what you eat. Fitness in 70 percent diet and 30 percent workout. You can join the best gym and hire the most efficient trainer, but you can never outdo a bad diet.

But does this mean you need to give up everything delicious for the rest of your life? Certainly, no. When we say a good diet, we mean nutritious, protein-rich food. You can check some healthy options at

Several people embarking on their fitness journey wonder what the wrong foods they should give up are.

First things first, there are no bad foods. Categorizing food as good and evil is wrong and giving up everything you love will keep you on track for some time, but not forever.

You can eat everything you like, everything you want but in moderation. Sugar and fried food are bad for your health. Sugar is one of the most prominent causes of chronic diseases like diabetes, and excess sugar consumption also leads to skin problems like acne and skin aging. On the other hand, overconsumption of fried food increases your cholesterol and increases the risk of heart diseases as well. Apart from these, refined and processed food is unhealthy, as they are heavier than vegetables and fruits, and as a result, they are more challenging to digest.

Whether or not you are on a fitness journey, your diet should contain more vegetables. Vegetables are nutritious and full of antioxidants that are needed by our bodies. If you consume meat, you can include fish, egg, chicken, etc., in your diet.

However, these food items must be consumed in moderation since anything is terrible. You can always occasionally enjoy the so-called “bad foods” every once. There is no harm in gluttonously devouring pizza slices and some cake for dessert. Consuming these once in a while is good as everyone likes a change of taste.

Alternatively, you can also cook healthy food differently to taste better. Remember, healthy food doesn’t necessarily have to taste bad. You can try Here you’ll find some delicious meal options and calories even categorized.

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