6 Most Advanced Cocktails Mixing Techniques You Need to Know

What is one of the most growing businesses of this era? You name it, bartending. No lies that the bar industry keeps growing every day. You can see the number of pubs and bars around you keep increasing. People are now seeing the art in bartending business. Many people have started to take classes about becoming the best bartender. Almost every person has a bar fridge in their home. And this tells the increase in the bartending field. At the start, the journey may seem very hectic. But, know that bartending is easy if you keep your focus.

When someone asks that one specialty about bartenders, what do you say? We all know that the answer is the set of techniques they use. Everyone can make a drink, but bartenders craft a drink. They know the unique mixing techniques that differentiate their drinks from others. Know that there are not too many techniques that bartenders have to learn. They stick to a few techniques and use them to make drinks. Hence, learning mixing techniques is not a time-taking process if you put in all your effort. If you want to know some necessary cocktail mixing techniques, you are at the right spot.

Below we have mentioned six advanced cocktail mixing techniques you need to know.

1. Pairing Ingredients

One thing about bartenders is that they do not rely on recipes. They create their unique cocktail. They have learned the art of mixing the appropriate amount of sweet, sour, and bitter flavors to create a cocktail. Their ability to make such a differentiable drink relies on their experience in pairing ingredients. However, every bartender has much equipment like ba20s back bar cooler and numerous others and a book as well that includes the appropriate pairing quantity to mix cocktails.

2. Start with the Classics

If you are into reading about drinks, you must be aware of this technique. Many books mention that the key to building a perfect cocktail is to start with the classics. Do not follow the modern rules blindly. You can buy many classical books that mention the traditional way of cocktail building.

3. Are Shaking and Stirring the Same?

Many people face confusion between the shaking and stirring techniques. So, let’s end the confusion right here. Know that there is a difference between the drinks that require shaking and stirring methods. Cocktails that contain juices and heavy flavor require shaking. And the cocktails that include liquors mainly require a stirring technique.

4. The Right Way of Straining

There is one thing you can never ignore while straining the drink. And that one rule is the ice rule. Know that this rule can either make or break your beverage. It is never okay to make the cocktail with the ice you use while shaking. When you strain the drink, make sure you leave out the ice.

5. Roll a Drink

Roll a drink is one of the most advanced mixing techniques. In this technique, you mix a drink by tossing it from one to another vessel. This technique is the best for heavy drinks such as Bloody Mary.

6. Layer the Cocktails

Layered cocktails are the talk of the town these days. You will have to float ingredients on top of one another. It can also create a gradient of flavors. Some examples are Easter Bunny and Irish Coffee.

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