Enjoying your ginger mojito

All of us enjoy having various kinds of drinks, be it hot or cold. However, ice makers are needed to prepare cold beverages if needed. Ginger mojito can be a very popular drink among people so you can read more about Ginger Mojito in this article. This is something one can learn more about by skimming through the rest of the post and being updated with the relevant details in this section.

More details

You need to follow this Ginger mojito recipe for serving and enjoying the drink. The ingredients and the preparation process are provided below.


1. Ginger ale in one and a half ounces

2. Half a dozen leaves of mint

3. Ice (if you have an ice maker, you can use that)

4. Half ounce of lime juice

5. One teaspoonful of sugar

6. An optional ingredient is club soda( it can be needed according to the individual requirements if you do not need any problem)

Note: Make sure to have all the ingredients in the proper and accurate amount, quantity, and proportion. Then follow this Ginger mojito recipe process of preparation.

How to make ginger mojito using the above-mentioned ingredients

1. The first step is to blend the mint leaves with the sugar and put them in a juice shaker. The aroma of the mint should be prominent

2. The second step is the addition of the ginger ale and the lime juice to the concoction in the juice shaker and ice needs to be filled in as well.

3. Once all the ingredients are put inside and blended well, the container needs to be given a thorough shaking.

4. Now you need to use a sieve and filter the juice into a glass full of ice.

5. The club soda is suggested merely for garnishing the top portion of the glass for a more classy look and visual appeal to it.

6. If you love innovation and have a creative mind, then mint sprig and a strip of lemon can also be used to garnish your fantastic and visually appealing ginger mojito!

End word

The ginger ale drink is a very important component when you are making ginger mojito. Maybe it gives the drink its name, being one of the key ingredients. The ginger ale provides a spicy zest to the drink. The lime juice is also a key ingredient when you read more about ginger mojito. The mint contribution to the ginger mojito cannot be overruled either. Both the mint and the lime juice supply a tangy and cooling effect to the ginger mojito. 

So, for those of you, who like to enjoy mocktails without the hard drinks,  can try to follow this Ginger Mojito recipe. It is a very easy and fun to make. The best part is that you can add various t ypes of mints and your own proportion of lime juice and ginger ale.  Wow your guests by making and serving this ginger ale at your next big bash!

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