Sunsets And Snacks: What To Order At A Beach Bar In Singapore?

Rest, beach, dining, and lots of fun awaits you when you head to the nearest seaside bar or restaurant in Singapore! For most people, going to the coasts is all about sunbathing, getting a tan, spotting some good-looking gentlemen or chicks, taking Instagram feed-worthy beach pictures, and anything under the sun. But did you know that snacking is the best thing to do at the beach? Nothing beats the feeling of having refreshing drinks and good food while watching the sun set down!

Below are some snacks to order when heading to a beach bar in Singapore.


Fish and chips is a classic beach cuisine–a classic, unadulterated comfort food. If you are heading to a beach bar in Singapore, fish and chips will always be the go-to lazy bite after an exhausting beach day! This snack usually comes with a slice of lemon, some chips, and local fish, battered, fried, or crumbed.


When talking about the beach, Hawaii is the first thing that pops into the mind. That’s why ordering Hawaiian pizza from a beach bar in Singapore is the perfect snack to munch on or eat! The crowd-pleasing pizza combines tomato sauce, cheese, cooked ham, and pineapples on its crust. The best!


No false promises here! Chicken wings tossed in buffalo sauce, parmesan cheese, chilli sauce, lemon pepper, or ranch can really kick off the day at a beach bar in Singapore!


If you go to a beach bar in Singapore, you should never skip ordering calamari rings! You should at least try and experience the magic of calamari. This delicious appetiser only consists of battered and deep-fried squid paired with vinegar, lemon and parsley, or catsup.


If you’re heading to a beach bar in Singapore for a night out or date night, seafood risotto is the perfect dish to get. This dish is a simple combination of all the seafood you like, including calamari, clams, prawns, chunks of flaky white fish, mussels, sea scallops, cheese, and parsley. One dish with lots of goodness!


Ham and cheese sandwiches are one of the perfect finger foods to munch on when at a beach bar in Singapore. Best paired with a can of soda!

Consider ordering these snacks while watching a sunset and indulging in a pint of beer when you head to a beach bar in Singapore. These snacks will not fail you!

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