Is Your Beef Jerky Healthy?

Are you sure that the beef jerky you are enjoying is a healthy snack or not? Is it helping your health or hindering it? It would help if you continuously verified that the food you are stuffing inside your body is pure and healthy. Knowing about the origin of your food items and the procedure behind the end product is a necessary concern.

What Is Beef Jerky?

Beef Jerky is a Native American food. It is thinly sliced dehydrated beef strips. These were mainly prepared by nomadic tribes who searched for food and habitation from place to place. Jerky was a handy source of food and energy for them, as it can be stored for a long time without the drawback of getting rotten. The preparation process has not changed much from ancient times to modern times. The only significant change is that jerky was handmade and dried in the sun, whereas now it is machine-made.

Is Beef Jerky Healthy?

We can agree that Beef jerky is healthy and nutritious too. It is a popular snack with a lot of health benefits. It is filled with essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, iron, calcium, selenium, and zinc. It is a low-carb food which makes it suitable for many types of diets like keto. Beef jerky also has sodium in it. Therefore, despite being a healthy snack, it should be consumed in moderation.

How Is A Classic Beef Jerky Prepared?

  • The first step is to acquire beef from grass-fed cows.
  • The second is the removal of all the excess fat to prevent spoilage.
  • Then, the meat is sliced thinly to speed up the drying process.
  • Salt or other seasonings are added for the required flavor.
  • It is then cooked and dried in dehydrators or a drying oven.
  • The final step is to store it in a cool place, in air-tight containers.

How To Find Healthy Beef Jerky?

Choosing a healthy jerky brand is a crucial task. Here we mention methods that will help you in finding the perfect brand providing healthy beef jerky:

  • Choose a brand that uses grass-fed and healthy cows or bulls.
  • The brand should not use any artificial preservatives or chemicals.
  • The beef should be gluten-free and high in protein, and the meat should have low sodium and sugar.


We can conclude that beef jerky is an excellent source of nutrition, and you can snack on it without worrying too much. You can buy store beef jerky brands, but checking out the ingredient list should be a priority. One of the best brands of jerky beef can be Country Archer, and you can consume it without any tension. Its popularity is primarily because it is portable and healthy on-the-go food for traveling.

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