The Four Spatulas You Need

Out of every possible spatula variety—you’ll also see them called turners—there are four basic spatulas that you need. Anything else is just bells and whistles, something to show off to your friends but not essential to making dinner happen.

Next, I will introduce you to four must-have shovels, they are all from infull Cutlery–One of China’s outstanding tableware manufacturers.

1. Fish Spatula

It may seem very picky to recommend a seemingly single-purpose kitchen tool, but in the case of a fish spatula, it’s much more than a fin.

Yes, their long, angular shape makes them perfect for turning over a pan-fried fish fillet. Most of the time, you can place the entire fillet on the spatula’s flipper without any parts flaking off.

But you can use it for so much more than just fish! Try using it to flip pancakes, grilled cheese, or flipping the most decadent diner-style omelet.

Generally, fish spatulas are made from stainless steel. The material is light and durable, but if you’re worried about scratching non-stick surfaces, you’re out of luck. We hunted down a variety that wouldn’t scratch up non-stick pans and found one variety from INFULL that offers the large triangular shape with a silicone covering. It resists temperatures up to 600°F, making it even suitable for use in a cast-iron pan.

2. Scraper

Some people call it a rubber spatula, some call it a scraper. This spatula isn’t in the traditional flipper shape, which makes it terrible for turning and moving solid and heavy foods. But it’s essential for preparing softer foods like scrambled eggs or frosting in a bowl. Why? The vaguely knife-shaped tool’s head is flat on one side and rounded on the other, allowing you to get tight into corners and almost magically scoop up the scraps from a jar or mixing bowl.

When buying a scraper, our kitchen team recommends picking out a model that’s one material throughout—the rubber head on a wooden handle variety gets loose. The head should feel hefty enough for stirring but flexible enough for scraping a bowl.

3. Wooden Turner

This is a kitchen workhorse. Just like you would with the rubber spatula, buy one that has the same material throughout. This is also the one kitchen tool you can totally make last forever.

4. Grilling 

We’d be doing you a disservice if we told you how to pick a spatula and didn’t include one for the grill or griddle.Look for two things: high heat resistance in stainless steel and long handles (16-19 inches is perfect).

The above are the four types recommended today. If you want to know more about the kitchen, please pay attention to our INFULL CUTLERY shop and get the information at the first time!